Monday, 13 February 2017

GPS Based Security for Bicycles

We all love to ride our bicycles ,some do it for hobbies and some want to use it as a profession in their lives.Everyone wants their things bought from hard-earned money to be protected and that is why i felt the need to do this project.

Basic Idea:

The basic idea behind this project is that it would consist of a GPS receiver and a microcontroller which is capable of getting connected to internet having built in WiFi. This requirement is best fulfilled by Node-MCU as Raspi is a bit expensive and very expensive when it comes to comparison of Node-MCU with raspi,but with great price comes great performance.
After we have got our modules required ,we will write a simple code to receive the latitude and longitude of the location where the device is located and after that we will upload the same data to Thingspeak and then we can write a python script to read the values from thingspeak and show the map or the location of the device.

Installation Guide:

Everything can be placed inside a small box and to attach it to the bicycles or bikes ,we will be using a small magnet instead of screws and nuts. 

 Hope the idea comes to life.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!


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