Friday, 3 January 2014


    I have just entered in my college of engineering  but someone told me to get into the field of robotics ,but you know there are some people who just thinks that they are right in deciding their fields and i am also one of them.My answer to his free advice was that i am in electrical engineering and robotics is something not of my field,but that person has the answer to every doubt ,and then he told me that robotics doesn't come under any engineering course it is totally a different field . It is field in which if you take interest you will surely enjoy doing it .
You can convert even some scrap into something useful and that is what i have done   .
 I was just cleaning  my room and i got a robot lying alone in the scrap and then comes the idea of converting it into a useful robot and now it can run on four wheels and can play with a tennis ball .
 Now i will tell the making of my robot so that you can also make it , it is quite easy.
 The first thing i did was that i bought some material required to complete my process .Here  i am giving the details of materials that i used in making my robot.

                                                             The Robot  From The Scrap 


                                       This was the robot which i found from the scrap  

                                                      1. SOLDERING IRON


                                               This is the soldering iron i bought and on the left is the soldering wire  ,it is a solder on's company  soldering iron with a thin tip. While soldering ,keep one thing in mind that you are holding it in a right way ,and the right way to hold it is like a pen. Now wrap the wires around one another and then burn some soldering wire on the tip of the soldering iron and then move the tip over the wrapped wires and then the wires will get soldered .                                                                                               

                                                                UNSOLDERED WIRES                  
                                         THE SOLDERDED WIRES WILL LOOK LIKE THIS 
                                                                         2. BATTERY                                                                                

                   One will have to use a power supply to run the motors and the power supply will be given by using two 6V  battery.                                


RELAY :-      Let me describe you what is a relay , a relay is something used to run high current devices or to control a device through a low power level.A simple relay has 5 pins .There are 2 coil pins ,1 pole pin ,1 normally connected and 1 normally open . Without the application of voltage the pole pin is always connected with normally connected pin and when you will apply voltage the pole pin will got connected to normally open pin. 


It is always better to check the circuit  before applying , this can be achieved by a software known as proteus and here is the circuit which i designed in this software .

Now see that all the normally connected pins and one coil pin of all the relay are connected to each other and to negative terminal of the battery .One pin of all the switches are also shorted and other pins of respective switches are connected to other coil pin .The normally open pins of all the relays are also  shorted with each other and are connected to power supply through switches .when the above two switches are pressed normally open pin will get the voltage and then the pole pin will get connected to the open pin and the pole pin will also get voltage and the pole pins are going to the motors( which are connected to parallel  ) and hence motors will get the power supply and runs . 

The Final Robot 

This is the final robot which i converted from scrap .